Why Advertise with Us?

The Medical Job Board is a platform run by the medical professionals for the medical professionals!? Being involved in the medical fields ourselves, we can empathise with what applicants are experiencing, as we have come through the same pathway. This first hand experience cannot be matched by any third party bridging organisations.

We have a proven track record of sourcing the ?perfect candidate? for some of the market leaders in the UK healthcare industry, undertaking a very meticulous headhunt to attract the highest caliber of talent.

Due to our background and inside knowledge of this sector, we believe we have the necessary attributes to contribute to your organisation by knowing what you are looking for.

67% of recruitment agencies choose not to advertise via particular job boards due to the immense costs involved. However, driven by our desire to reach the masses of hopefuls out there, we have a very competitive pricing scheme, which we believe offers great value for money. (Please see ?Pricing Packages? for more details).

Due to the unique features incorporated within our website, we save yourselves ample time, money and effort by offering you the access to the CV database and social media LinkedIn profile of applicants. Therefore, in effect, allowing the whole process to become less time consuming.

And last, but not least, we have had great results in the short period of time that we have been operating. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and make your life a whole lot easier!