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What’s The Deal With Pharmacists?

Pharmacists – The Real Winners?

Ah Pharmacists! In today’s blog we?re going to take a different approach and deal with our users who are looking to make their first step into employment, specifically pharmacy graduates.?Pharmacy (and related degrees, Pharmacology etc) have never been more popular with students. There are now 26 schools of pharmacy in the UK, around 63 per cent more than ten years ago, with three more due to open. In 1999, the pharmacy undergraduate population was 5,534; in 2009 it was at 13,026 [1], this number looks to increase every year, regardless of the rise of tuition fees.

So why is Pharmacy so popular and what do pharmacy graduates actually do?

Quite simply it’s seen as a safe option, 89% of graduates find immediate employment within 6 months whereas only 0.9% are unemployed [2], (the remainder part-take in further studies or training). In today’s climate these are great odds furthermore the starting salary is more than pleasing, the average starting salary for pharmacy graduates is ?25000.

96% of employed graduates work in pharmacists, this demand looks to remain constant due to the rise of nationwide supermarket chains entering the chemist business. Many offer enticing long-term contracts which graduates are rightly wise enough to accept. Some graduates enter R&D posts, although these posts are not as popular they are often more competitive and only the upper echelon of graduates receive offers, they are however rewarded with starting salaries of up to ?27000.

However if neither of these sectors sound appealing, we have listed some alternatives;

  • Clinical research
  • Product or process development
  • Regulation of pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology
  • Medical journalism.

Finally we?ll end today’s blog with some fun farmacy facts!

(Yes we know that?s not how you spell pharmacy, but come on alliteration!!)

  • The global pharmaceuticals market is worth $300 billion.
  • The NHS spends approximately ?8.8 billion on medicines in England every year
  • There are 43,665 pharmacists in Great Britain.