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Jeremy Hunt – “Monday to Friday culture” NHS Staff React on Social Media.

NHS Staff have?reacted?on social media to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s recent remarks about?preparing?to enforce a seven day working week for hospital consultants across England & Wales. According to the health secretary there is an apparent ?Monday to Friday working culture? across NHS hospitals.

Critics were quick to react to Mr Hunt?s claims about the apparent laziness in the NHS and took to Facebook & Twitter in order to unleash their frustrations. The hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy was soon trending as Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professional?s tweeted pictures working extremely long hours over the weekend.? Many claimed that Jeremy Hunt was out of touch with the reality of working in a hospital and failed to understand the daily hardships faced by NHS Staff.

Many Doctors also wrote open letters to Jeremy Hunt,

Laura Land, a doctor from Telford, wrote?the following on her Facebook page.

“Are you at work this weekend Jeremy? Because I am. Thank you for making out that we?re lazy, money-grabbing Doctors who don?t want to work long hours, especially at the weekend. Despite being employed part time (I have a 9 month old son at home), I?ll have worked over 60 hours this week. We, Jeremy, are the people skipping lunch so we can make sure our patients? paperwork is done so they can go home on time. We?re the people missing family birthdays, our friends? weddings, our children?s first steps, because we?re putting our patients? needs first. We are the people that don?t see our own families anywhere near as much as we?d like to, because we?re busy taking care of yours.”

Janis Burns, a junior doctor, shared the?following?on her Facebook page;

“In the middle of the night my colleagues (doctors AND nurses AND radiographers AND healthcare assistants) and myself were assessing patients with multi-organ failure being supported with complex devices, these patients are teetering on the brink of death all the time. At the end of my 3 night stint, just when I was at my lowest ebb, a patient got really sick. You try managing that after you?ve been up all night and then tell me the NHS isn?t 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year. When you have personal experience of that, I would like you to look me, and every other doctor in the NHS, in the eye and tell us that you genuinely believe that we are being adequately paid for all the responsibility that rests on our shoulders.”

Here are some of our favourite tweets aimed at the Health Secretary over the weekend! Work in the NHS? We’d love to hear your thoughts, email us at


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