How To Earn Extra Income With Dropshipping

    Are you looking for a business idea to create in order to earn extra income, or to change your life and “fire” your boss?

    Creating a small (or big!) business to earn more money, or to stop working as an employee, is the dream of many people. But few do it, discouraged in advance by the formalities, the management of a stock, customers, etc..

    Yet there is at least one business that is not difficult to create, nor to manage, and that is accessible even to beginners. Are you thinking about blogging? ? No, it’s not blogging that I want to talk to you about today, besides it requires a lot of work. There are even simpler things to do!

    Dropshipping to link brands and e-merchants

    This easy business is dropshipping: a very special way to sell items on the internet.

    Because in this business, the seller has nothing else to do but to create a website on which his customers will order products, which will be sent directly to them by the supplier.

    The seller acts as an intermediary between the customer and the supplier, without managing any stock.  It is not he who sends the products, but the manufacturer himself.

    By the way, of course, the seller is paid by taking a margin on the sale.

    How to find products for sale on his website?  For example on platforms such as AliExpress, which brings together a multitude of products offered for sale at very low prices by suppliers.

    Once the site has been created, all you have to do is wait for sales and make sure that customers have received their packages.

    I confess that I have not tested this form of business, but I hear about it more and more often.  I think it’s very interesting, because it’s within the reach of anyone who’s a little bit motivated.

    The last few years have seen the development of dropshipping in France thanks to internet platforms on which even a beginner can create his sales site in a few clicks.

    Create a logo with letters or a simple image

    I told you that dropshipping was accessible to everyone, thanks to these platforms.  They make the creation of an online store ultra simple.

    This is the magic of the internet: allowing everyone to earn extra income, or even change their life, by earning money through their online activities.  You can sell your business on Leboncoin, offer your services in DIY or gardening on other sites, and you can also become a dropshipper.

    These famous platforms allow you to create your online shop from A to Z.

    You will just have to create your logo, which you can do very simply with a word processor like Word, or even on the platforms I was talking about.  There is no need to know how to handle complex images.

    So, if you want to be a little more financially independent, and you’re wondering how to do it, here’s a business idea that’s easy to create and manage.

    Selling other people’s products, without having to build up a huge stock in your garage, or having to go to the post office every day, that’s the whole point of this new way of selling items on the internet.

    In my opinion, it is for these practical reasons that the dropshipping business has developed so much in France lately.  Thank you internet !

    Update :  Like any business creation, dropshipping requires at least two qualities: motivation and professionalism.  As a reader pointed out to me in the comments, you should not forget to accomplish some legal formalities (micro-business, payment of charges and taxes…) and to respect the French legislation concerning consumer protection.  Yes, I know, the heaviness of our country discourages a little bit individual initiative, what do you want… Not to mention that you will, of course, have to make your shop known if you want to have customers, and sell products of acceptable quality.  Like any shopkeeper who doesn’t want to close down.

    But nothing stops motivated people 

    I hope I’ve given you a new business idea with this article.  Feel free to tell me what kind of small or big business you have developed to earn more money besides your salaried work.  That would be very interesting.

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