How I Found My Dream Job: Part 2

After spending a few weeks of lazing about not doing much but sleeping late and waking up to watch ?to buy or not to buy? I decide I?m ready to enter the monotonous world of employment.

Of course in an ideal world, one would take some ?actual? time off after spending the last 4 years buried in journals along with poisoning your liver with cheap booze and energy drinks, but in the real world that just isn?t possible without the moola! Yes I?d love to trek across the Andes or have a life changing experience watching the massai hunt live prey, but unlike the many folk on Instagram who get to experience such unforgettable moments (yes I?m totally jealous of you Instagram ballers) , I had no rich parents or inheritance to sponge off. So the rat race it was.

Now unlike the many students that rightly start applying for graduate schemes etc. during their final semester (in order to ease the transition from studying to employment) I decided against applying simply because I was unsure what I wanted to do next. This was my first big mistake.

My advice to every graduate in their final year is to start applying for schemes in your final semester, even if you are unsure of what you want to do next like myself. You can always defer your position if you are successful. now as i unfortunately missed out on applying for graduate schemes, when I did decide to look at the various schemes out there, I?d have to wait for the next window to open, (a bit like the transfer window in football) graduate schemes run from academic year to year, which meant id have to wait for the next schemes to open for the students graduating in the upcoming year.

Now of course there?s no guarantee that even if I had applied at the right time that I would have been successful. Graduate schemes as I?m sure you are well aware are notoriously competitive with examples of cases of 10,000s of applications for only a handful of positions. With that being said id still strongly recommend applying because if you do get in, difficult as it is, you?ll gain that much needed experience that employers love, (ill address experience later on in my blog) but you?ll also more times than not start on a competitive wage. Just remember competitive as they may be, you have to be in it to win it, so definitely do apply!

Returning back to my story I now decided to collate a list of all the companies that employed in my field, along with all the recruitment sites that recruited for employers in my field. I would know used this list as my base for finding my dream job.